02 / Jan 2018
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5 Digital Trends for SMEs in 2018


5 Digital Trends for SMEs in 2018 Tuesday January 2nd, 2018Leave a comment

The year 2018 is just around the corner, here are 5 digital trends Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need to know in 2018.


Competition today is high, SMEs need to identify specific customer profiling in respective industries to re-engage and offer personalised customer service. Using the right digital solution will set you apart from your competitors. So, what does personalised customer service look like?

Addressing your customers by name and a friendly face-to-face greeting are great customer service, a personalised one would include a consistent, reliable and almost immediate response service. Personalised service addresses customer concerns and ultimately builds a relationship with them. Social media platforms and websites are powerful marketing channels that offer an almost immediate engagement with customers. SMEs can use them to re-engage with existing loyal customers and reach out to new ones.

Multichannel marketing & sales channels

Technology will continue to provide many sale channels to meet the changing needs and demands of the market. SMEs need to keep up with these changes and adapt relevant channels to retain customer interest. It definitely takes time and a lot of learning to optimise multichannel marketing.

Do not fret! SMEs today can measure ROI  using digital solutions. based on tangible numbers and results. Customers today have a wide selection of products and services. SMEs need to be at where your customers are to stay competitive in the long run. Multichannel marketing enables SMEs to reach customers at their preferred sales channel!

Voice-optimized content

Voice search technology is now more efficient. Intelligent voice search is today’s preferred method. According to Google Trends, this is because of the phenomenal rise of mobile phone users in recent years, Google voice search queries have gone up 35x since 2008. Voice searches tend to feature long-tail content, creating a renewed SEO ranking requirement. According to campaignlive, question phrases are the most common voice queries.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), voice search technology will become more integrated into our daily lives as it utilises big data and hardware to capture user’s intent. SMEs can use it to reconnect with customers on a more interactive level and create personalised services. SMEs should start optimising voice search content according to local context to be easily found online.

Privacy protection

In 2017, several high-profile data breaches like WannaCry ransomware and cyber hacks on Uber, Deloitte and Yahoo! have marked a dent in global cybersecurity. Internet users today are more aware of cybersecurity as it impacts their daily lives. Data today is being shared knowingly or unknowingly across the internet. Businesses need to inform customers about their data utilisation. Moving forward, consumers will favour products that protect their privacy and identity.

Interactive media draws engagement

Interactive media like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Stories are getting millions of views daily. Brands today are using creative ways to stay connected with customers through funny videos, Live videos and behind-the-scenes sharing. Social media has become one of the highest engagement marketing channels today.

Social media engagement is like a long-term relationship. It starts with a brand introduction with endless follow-ups. Customers today are very resourceful, SMEs need to embrace technology to keep existing customers happy whilst finding new customers. With the right digital solutions, SMEs are able to form trust, conversion and loyalty.

It is never too early for SMEs to evaluate your priorities for next year, learn how your company’s digital presence is performing here.