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5 Unusual Ways Brands Win Over Today’s Consumers


5 Unusual Ways Brands Win Over Today’s Consumers Tuesday July 10th, 2018Leave a comment

Let us consider that about 80% of consumers today research items online before making a purchase, we can see that the future is a convergence between online and offline sales. Businesses and customers have already begun to embrace online shopping as a cheaper and more convenient way to shop.

Consumers are buying a variety of things like books, fashion and electronics online but 82.5% of all retail sales is said to still happen at physical stores as we move into 2021. Physical retail still plays a major role in connecting brands and customers. The major takeaway is that majority of sales will be influenced by digital touchpoints.

“Many customers want to have an experience that allows them to hold and touch and, in some cases, try on, the products. Many shoppers still relish the experience of walking into a store and walking out with merchandise.” – Forrester Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher

Even among millennials that spend an average of 7.5 hours a day online, 70% of them prefer to shop in stores. Hence, brands today are using various strategies to haul in their customers. Here’s how some brands made it work for them. Check out how they utilise different strategies to provide a seamless shopping experience before, during and after.

From taxi booking system to becoming our everyday app— The Grab Way

Grab in the present day can be found in eight countries across the Southeast Asian region. Everyday serving countless people, transforming the way we commute and how goods and services go about. Formerly known as MyTeksi in 2012, it was launched as a mobile app for taxi booking. Today, Grab has evolved to become a full fledge ride sharing platform, providing convenient and reliable services to customers.

Grab’s billion-dollar start-up success did not come by easy. Like most start-ups, they also had their fair share of fund mismanagement during its expansion, failures of trail and error projects, unpaid salaries but the team manage to make a strong comeback. Grab has transformed the taxi system by integrating the physical aspect of transportation with a digital platform, solving a real problem.

And Grab is not slowing down its pace and has launched its GrabPay mobile wallet in May 2018 which will propel seamless convenience for its consumers. From managing an online taxi booking system to becoming SEA’s top ride-hailing and digital payment platform with a vison to be the everyday app, Grab is definitely a brand to watch.

LINE: Not just a messaging platform

Within 18 months of launching, LINE hit over 100 million users, making it one of the fastest growing messaging apps upon its launch. Riding on The Network Effect, LINE became the top messaging app in Asia especially in its home base Japan. It also achieved significant popularity in South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand with its localized user acquisition strategy. LINE didn’t rest on its messaging popularity but instead leverage its advantage to diversify its app integration portfolio by offering games, manga reading, music streaming and localised sticker icons, further securing its revenue potential.

LINE sticker characters are loved by many even by users that may not have the app because of its very relatable significance in Asia’s diverse culture. Its popularity boosted LINE’s Intellectual Property sales, inspiring new anime TV shows, theme parks as well as merchandise stores. Besides that, LINE also leveraged its brand licensing and partnerships to include LINE characters on cosmetics packaging, expanding its branding into the physical retail sector.

Blurring the physical and digital worlds extends Burberry success

Burberry is one brand that really ‘gets it’ when it comes to today’s customer experience. This aging British brand went through a seven-year transformation to becoming one of the most valuable luxury brands globally. Burberry transformed from an antique beige trench coat company to one of the leading trendsetters in fashion, music and beauty, setting a high world-class customer experience.

Determine to rebuild a brand that would appeal to Millennials, Burberry is the pioneer fashion company to harness the power of social media with live-stream runway shows. They adopted digital solutions to improve its website taxonomy, transforming its usability and search function. In order for the brand to provide multiple touch points, the brand also upgraded its delivery to include collect-in-store services. This created multiple shopping options for its customers.

As for its store experience, the brand also upgraded its stores with audiovisual technology. This included enhanced training for staff to enable store employees to use iPads that hold a database of customer purchase history as an assistant to create unique customer shopping experiences.

Anna Sui collaborates with local social influencers

A brand that stands out for its mysterious and royal luxe style, Anna Sui launched its Fantasia Eau de Toilette fragrance in Malaysia. A woodsy floral scent that exudes femininity, sensuality and mystery that will fill your world with colours: a little sweet, a little spicy, a little sexy too! The fragrance exudes a spellbinding, modern and playful feel making it a definite drawing magnet for youthful female millennials.

Anna Sui wanted to assimilate the never-ending joy in the world of pop glamour with a touch of Alice in Wonderland along with its launch. Hence, they decided to collaborate with local social influencers that share a similar style and brand value to encourage customers to purchase at its retail partner outlets. Anna Sui has approached SuperAnt to run its social media campaign, following a pitch to grow the level of engagement through YouTube and other social media channels. Its one-month YouTube ad campaign garnered over 200 comments and over 50,500 impressions, boosting brand awareness and engagement by a mile!

IBE: use online marketing to boost event attendance

International Beauty Expo (IBE) is one of the most acclaimed business platforms for beauty, hair, cosmetics, nail and spa professionals. Event organizer Elite Expo wanted to increase its event visitor count through multiple channel marketing. SuperAnt was appointed as Official Digital Partner to carry out online marketing campaigns for IBE.

Collaborations with social media influencers and beauty bloggers were carried out to draw interest among beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts. Additionally, to boost online brand presence for the event, Facebook paid ads campaigns were carried out to reach out to targeted demographics. The event received many successes and media coverage at local and international levels with star-studded VIPs and celebrities. IBE utilised both online and offline marketing strategies to boost event attendance.

There are many ways to win over consumers today. Check out our latest package to promote your product and services to the right audience through offline and online channels.

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