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6 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Fall Apart


6 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Fall Apart Monday March 5th, 2018Leave a comment

You’ve invested time, money and effort into creating great marketing content. You posted on Facebook, created Instagram Ads and messaged your leads through WhatsApp. Sadly, no one is commenting, replying or even liking your post after 3 days. What went wrong? You may think that it was because your promotion wasn’t attractive enough or maybe the banner was not eye-catching enough… Yes, they may contribute to the low response but that is usually not the main causes. Your digital marketing campaign failed because it did not ‘connect’ with your audience.

You have not found ‘the way’ to engage with your targeted audience while your competitors found their way to do so. There’s no denying that the digital market is over-flooded with competitors, however, the market share and demand will continue to grow as smartphones and technology become more easily accessible. Since you’re not the alone in this run and you want to be ahead of everyone else, you will need to find your winning formula to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Let’s get straight to the point, here are six reasons why digital campaigns fail despite continuous effort. Each reason relies on the other, so getting one of them wrong leads to the downfall of your digital marketing campaigns.

Not allowing campaigns to run for a longer time

We must admit that we are all influenced by the culture of impatience, sometimes we just give up too soon. Technology advancement has brought about many conveniences, unfortunately it has also made us perpetually impatient. To determine the success of a digital marketing campaign, it requires a minimum 3 months’ time to see substantial data reflection. This may sound like the cliché ‘give it some time’ outcome but time is needed to obtain data from your visitor clicks, because knowing what they like will help in the conversion of casual visitors into potential leads.

After the required time, the campaign should be fine-tuned and amended if it is not producing desired results. Digital campaigns need to be monitored from time to time and tweaked to get desired results. Campaign testing, demographic targeting, and cross-selling all need to be synced and carried out along with your daily marketing outreach. Timing your digital campaigns accordingly is also another success leading factor as digital trends come and go even more swiftly than fashion trends. So, always test, monitor and test again. Got a new product coming out? Create a teaser Digital Ad campaign to garner people’s interest and get their early responses. Test the waters first, then make amendments to your follow-up product launch and continue to monitor and make changes along the way.

Not creating share-friendly content

No shares in social media context means it is never going to go viral, maybe not even seen by anyone. Remember #TheDress? Was it white or blue or brown? The vague answers got people hyped up and it took the internet by storm for months. Then, we have #TheIceBucketChallenge that created great awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at a global level. These campaigns succeeded because of its relatability and fun factor.

So, here’s the key takeaway: people relate to emotion. Is your marketing content relatable and useful? Consumers today are well informed, they know what they like and it is up to marketers to find out what their customers want. Personalisation is one of the most talked about topic in 2018, businesses today need to create strong customer experiences using technology and digital tools.

Netflix is using machine learning to customize its users’ entertainment choices, Google is learning about each web search that is made using its search engine, getting to know your customers better than they do is key.

Too much hard selling, ignoring buyers’ experience

Wouldn’t you be put off by brands that always hold ‘Great’ sales all year long? People today are discerning more than before prior to making a purchase. They compare prices, keep track of brands they like on social media and research about new brands. Using the traditional hard-sell approach today may bring more harm than good to your brand. The future of business competition is no longer only about the cost but about brand value, personalization and value-added services.

Today, digital consumers in Malaysia spend an average of 14 hours online using their digital devices daily. Be it at work, during lunch or waiting for the bus, we are constantly exposed to digital advertising. There is a major shift in how consumers shop today.

How shall businesses learn about customers when they may no longer meet them face to face? Big Data Analytics incorporated digital marketing is the answer and it is accessible to any business size. To capture the hearts of today’s consumers, marketers need a strategy that speaks to your customers. Targeted digital marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for brand exposure. Businesses that are looking to continue the marathon race to stay relevant in the future will have to embrace digital marketing and create great buyer experience. Brands can pave their conversion funnel more efficiently with tangible data and figures.

No participation

Some of the best social media campaigns are successful solely because they play on the emotions of the audience. Nostalgia, humour, inspiring are feelings that can draw conversation, encourage responses and engagement with your followers. Choose one and follow through to get your ‘social word of mouth’ about your brand out. However, do stay away from emotions like anger and fear, while these feelings motivate taking actions, they are not the vibe that appeals to a broad audience.

Besides that, brands should look at partnering up with social media influencers that can carry the brand name forward. Influencer marketing usually comprises of social media posting, brand ambassador partnering and blogging. Influencers can play a huge part in selling your products and promote your brand if done right. Facebook statistics reveal that Malaysians spend on average 159 minutes watching videos on its site (55% more than the global average of 102 minutes). Consumers too are increasingly looking to social media for advise, tips and recommendations. Interaction brings participation, which if meet with demand brings conversion. Hence, for your next digital campaign, keep in mind to encourage participation.

Not having a business website

SMEs often neglect the importance of having an updated business website. You may think that relying on your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat account to connect with your customers can help you save costs, but you must know that all these platforms are not of your intellectual property and can be deleted with just a few clicks. Imagine losing your Facebook account that has over 20k followers overnight after being hacked. Now that’s a real digital nightmare!

The meteoric rise in smartphone usage has driven a huge surge of global online users. As of June 2017, about 51% of the world’s population has access to the internet. This means more than half the world’s population today can communicate with each other, trade, access services via the cloud. Many small business traders in Malaysia trade via social media accounts and although this method is very effective they are not completely free of cybersecurity woes. Having your very own website for your brand is essential as it is like your brand’s online identity. Not only can your website bring you new leads, it can also be a platform for your online store and more, the possibility is endless. Get your business its own website and build a solid digital pathway for your brand.

Not including USP into your marketing strategy

The bottom line for a successful digital campaign is that it needs a strategy. Businesses need to either invest and hire talented marketers to do it or get people with the know how to manage your campaigns. Marketing without a unique selling point (USP) is a recipe for disaster as it should be the foundation of your business. You should include your USP in every piece of marketing material. It is not just because of luck and great timing combo that defines the direction of a digital campaign, it is the continuous effort and effective strategic planning.

There is no more one-size-fits-all generalisation in marketing because we are all diverse and unique. Businesses instead need to understand your customer demographics in your industry and create relevant content that bears longer lasting fruits for the brand overall.

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