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How to generate new leads without cold calling?


How to generate new leads without cold calling? Monday January 22nd, 2018Leave a comment

For businesses, having new leads is essential to fuel the business. Moving into 2018, there is an uncertainty about the global economy. If you want to get ahead in business, you need to embrace the digital economy.

Cold calling is an old-school way to reach out. It requires a significant amount of time, research and manpower to gather potential client contacts and carry out cold calling. But let’s be real, cold calling has since earned a bad representation and are labelled as spam calls.

People today rely on the internet for information. Can they find out more about your product or services on the internet? Malaysia is on the right track in terms of awareness and interest in the Internet economy, are you?

Here are five ways you can get new leads… without making inefficient cold calls.

Company website

Do you have a website? Is it bringing in a steady stream of inbound leads? If your answers are no, please consider improving your website. Today, more and more consumers are using the internet to search for the products or services they need. This means your website would probably be the first thing people look for when they hear about your brand.

Your website can help build gain credibility and be found by people who are looking for your product or service. An interactive and well-maintained website that showcases your latest products and services can bring in organic traffic and inform loyal customers about your latest deals. If you do not have a website, potential customers will be going to your competitors that have one in just a few clicks.

Besides leading visitors to fill out that ‘contact me’ form, you can also utilise your website as an alternative sales channel, an online location to sell your business to a wider market. Consumers today have the privilege of looking up for information before making any buying decisions. Hence, it is important to keep a professional business image which will inspire even greater confidence and uplift your branding.

Newsletter email

Email remains as one of the best ways to reconnect with customers. Consistent newsletter email marketing with relevant offers that meet expectations of customers will help increase reach and help your brand reconnect with customers that have interest in your brand. Website visitors that submitted their emails to your site are interested leads that you should engage with. To engage with your newsletter subscribers, businesses should consider personalising content and send out relatable deals/promotions in a timely manner to drive engagement.

The truth is most of your customers and clients really don’t care about your business or even what you’re selling. They just want to know: “What’s in it for me?” So, offer a valuable incentive for them and give a little to lead them to become your customers. But of course, you will still need to provide great products and services to keep them coming back for more.

Social media

Social media is the fastest growing thing in the world, its growth happens across the globe with Facebook topping the chart as the most used social media site with 1.87 million active users. In Malaysia, there are about 1.9 million active Facebook users and SMEs should leverage on this platform to capture your niche audience.

Many people are now on their screens, it used to be the computers and laptops but now smartphones are taking over the world. With so many active users daily, Facebook collects demographic data about their users which enables marketers to use as a marketing channel. Social media is an always changing method of marketing that is also very technical, it can be hard to keep up all the time. Hence, SMEs are highly encouraged to learn or get someone who can help you manage your social media campaigns. Your business will need that strategy to kickstart your social media journey right.

Social media is here to stay, at least for now. So, give it a go and use it to reconnect almost instantly with your customers.


It is undeniable that digital marketing is the ‘must do’ thing for any business today. Nevertheless, business is still the same. It is all about people buying from people. Networking is always the base for any kind of business, digital marketing is just a very good tool to help you touch bases with a larger audience.

SMEs are individual business owners and you all need a form of networking to support each other in the industry. Business talks, events and seminars are great avenues to meet new people, but you can only spend a limited amount of time to meet and greet people. Here is a platform that connects businesses in ASEAN via a one-stop digital platform.

B2B Platform listing connects your business with other businesses, giving SMEs access to seamlessly connect via a messaging feature. When SMEs come together, business deals will happen!

Loyalty program

There are many ways to reconnect with people who have said no in the past. “No”, does not mean never, it just means “Not right now” Maybe they just bought a new supply. Maybe they did not have the funds to buy from you. Maybe they were not looking for your product yet. Sometimes to get a successful sale requires some good timing, some suitable exposure and at times some education. If your product or service can add value to the lives of your customers, they will be your loyal customers.

Market research has shown that the probability of a sale to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of a sale to a new customer is 5-20%. Hence, invest in customer re-engagement channels like a digital loyalty programme to offer timely promotion deals and draw in people that love your brand.

Learn to successfully get new leads with digital solutions

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