23 / Apr 2018

SuperAnt @MIHAS 2018 Highlights


SuperAnt @MIHAS 2018 Highlights Monday April 23rd, 2018Leave a comment

The Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) Awards marked its 7th anniversary this year in style. MIHAS 2018 hosted over 800 exhibitors from 36 countries. Among the countries who took part include ASEAN nations, Turkey, Palestine, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan and Taiwan. Responses from local and international companies were very encouraging.

As the Official Digital Partner of MIHAS 2018, SuperAnt provided 200 participating exhibitors with complimentary Digital Health Check and exclusive digital consultation.

Our SuperAnt team was invited to speak at MIHAS Industry Zone: Halal Masterclass whereby event visitors got the chance to gain intimate knowledge on how to bring halal businesses to go global.

MIHAS Industry Zone: Halal Masterclass

The internet has unlocked the door to endless opportunities. How shall you go about it? How can you realize your cross-border market venture? You may be able to reach overseas customers via the internet but how will your products reach the hands of customers?

Businesses today still rely on human-human contact to build lasting relationships. Data may offer insights, but the trust between businesses still falls upon the personal touch.

Cross-Border Opportunities: ASEAN & China

Ms. Foo shared on the current Market Overview of the Global & ASEAN markets. Halal food is a highly desired item even in majority non-muslim nations. Among the popular Halal industries include F&B, Cosmetics, Baby & Kids, Fashion & Beauty and Travel. Businesses that are Halal certificated can serve both Muslim and non-Muslim customer bases, making them very appealing for cross-border trade.

Currently valued at $2.3 trillion USD, the global Halal market is projected to be $2.55 trillion by 2024. It is a strong economic market, but are you ready to tap into it?

Cross-Border Ecommerce requires support from a local team. This is to facilitate market insights, operations, and logistics & customs setups. SuperAnt is able to support your Cross-Border plans through:

  • Business Matching (online/offline)
  • Selling via local marketplaces for B2B & B2C businesses
  • Dedicated local team support

Generate higher ROI for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ms. Lim addressed the floor about the many ways you can facilitate your digital marketing. Consumers today are knowledgeable. They research before making purchases, so it’s up to businesses to meet them at where they are. Undeniably, it is hard to choose marketing campaigns that will bring in results. However, with the right understanding and planning, we can help you capture your targeted leads.

The method of using only demographic statistics like age, gender, income level for ad targeting is outdated as it limits your ad reach. Furthermore, demographics-driven stereotypes are unreliable as they lead to irrelevant ads that don’t win the attention of real customers.

This is the age of context and intent, brands need to address the true intention of potential customers. Your brand needs to stay relevant today with customized content, well-curated and engaging ads. Avoid wasted media budgeting by getting to know who your real customers are. The key to successful digital marketing is to optimize, optimize, optimize!

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